Braidwood Garlic Harvest Dinner

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2020 Garlic Dinner Invitation – Open to all Discerning Garlic Lovers

Join us to celebrate the Garlic Harvest

29th​ of February 2020, 6pm for […]

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How Can We Help? -Looking for Drought and Fire Relief Volunteers.

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Southern Harvest Association has started bringing together a group of volunteers, ready and willing to tackle emergency tasks, to help farmers or producers manage the damage caused by the current drought and fire conditions. Jobs could be anything you need – such as removing fallen timber or damaged trees/vines, clearing up damaged infrastructure, […]

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In the Words of Our Farmers – Banjo’s Paddock

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These photos of our farm were taken exactly a year apart – 24 December 2018 and 2019 respectively. The only green you can see on the farm now is where crops are being directly irrigated, and the sky is filled with haze from the fires burning across the state.