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Southern Harvest Association Produce Boxes

– amazingly fresh and 100% local, from the producers to you.

SUMMER Season commenced 1 December 2018 – orders open now.

Southern Harvest Association’s (SHA) multi-farm produce box scheme is now available for pick-up at:

  • Bungendore (NSW) – SHA Farmers Markets, Saturday 930am-12pm
  • Fyshwick (ACT) – Canberra City Farm, Thursday 4-6pm
  • Downer (ACT) – Downer Shops, Community Centre, Friday 415-530pm.

Locations soon to be activated:

  • Phillip (ACT) – Banjo’s Paddock Stall at Southside Farmers Market, Sunday 10-11am
  • West Belconnen (ACT) – location TBA, Sunday 5-6pm

Our produce box scheme follows the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, and aims to, as directly as possible, connect farmers and consumers. Consumers are asked to commit to the thirteen week season and purchase in advance, a share of the farmers’ produce. They then receive fruit, vegetables and nuts as they are harvested, often the day they are harvested, each week for the season. Consumers commit to supporting farmers through the season and share the ups and downs of food production.

SHA is committed to facilitating this link between farmer and consumer by aggregating local produce, to provide greater variety to consumers than one small farm can sustain, while expanding market opportunities for small farmers and ensuring they receive fair retail prices for their food.

The scheme is now one year old and we are excited by the past year and the huge variety of produce that we have seen over the past twelve months. Subscribers have enjoyed the opportunity to sample new and often unfamiliar vegetables while learning about seasonal food production in their region. As the produce is direct from the farm it is as fresh as could be possible, and as we prioritise clean and chemical free produce, it can’t get any better.

The Summer season commences on Saturday the 1st of December, and runs for 13 weeks. The produce costs, options listed below, are paid direct to the farmer. Southern Harvest Association is a volunteer led, not-for-profit organisation and therefore we ask consumers to directly pay the costs of administration and contribute something for the volunteers who work to facilitate the scheme. This cost is $6, of which $4 is for administration and processing and $2 is to cover the cost of produce for volunteers. For every 15 subscriptions we have we can provide a standard size produce box to a volunteer. Anyone, including subscribers, who can volunteer for 2-2.5 hours of packing and distribution, then get credited the cost of their box that week.

Produce options:

  • Standard box $36 – $30 of produce, usually 10 different items valued at $3 each, mostly vegetables with 1-2 items seasonal fruit;
  • Half box $21 – $15 of produce, usually 5 different items valued at $3 each, mostly vegetables with possibly 1 seasonal fruit item;
  • Extended box $45 – as for the standard box with an extra 3 items of fruit or vegetables;
  • Double box $66 – twice the standard box however, no second processing fee is charged.

Added extras such as meat, eggs, bread, preserves, honey, muesli, chai, handmade soap and shampoo bars, herbal teas, olive oil, fresh herbs and spices, and kombucha are available for order separately. Availability may vary with pick-up locations due to storage and food handling constraints.

For more information or to order your produce box, contact our produce coordinator Ruth by filling in the form below