Australian Mountain Pepper – working bee

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Lots of lovely people have been asking us if they can help us recover from the terrible bushfires that have burned our farm.

We’re inviting everyone to the first of many(?) bushfire recovery working bees. There is a whole load of things to do so there will […]

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The R.I.C.E. C.R.I.S.P. facility

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Are you intrigued????


Southern Harvest Association (SHA) is a local food association working to support and promote local and regional food production and consumption in South East NSW and ACT. We are a not-for-profit organisation, led by volunteer community members, representing farmers, producers and eaters. […]

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FARMING DEMOCRACY – A Book by Regenerative Farmers for the People

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Last week the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the publication of its groundbreaking book Farming Democracy: The True Cost of Food.

Eight farms, eight stories, one revolution.

AFSA is bringing true transparency to the food system and a healthy […]

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