Southern Harvest Association has started bringing together a group of volunteers, ready and willing to tackle emergency tasks, to help farmers or producers manage the damage caused by the current drought and fire conditions. Jobs could be anything you need – such as removing fallen timber or damaged trees/vines, clearing up damaged infrastructure, general tidying up, harvesting and transport, cleaning, cooking, child minding, you name it.

The idea is that if you have a particular task that needs doing, let us know and we will try and pull together the right people to get the work done.  Please let us know, too, if you need us to bring any particular tools and equipment (trailer, chainsaw, wire cutters, shovels, etc, etc).  Volunteers will be asked to bring all the usual necessities (shady hat, stout shoes, lunch, etc) – and we will stress the need to bring their own drinking water.

If you would like us to put a group of volunteers together for your place, please reply to this email or contact Nick on 0449741210 to have a cat.  We can talk about what needs doing, how many people you think will be needed and any equipment my be needed.

We realise this is a really tough time for everyone, and that there are people around the community who are looking for ways to help, but are not always sure what to do. Let’s put the two things together and see if we can work a way through these times!

If you would like more information, please email, or phone Nick on 0449741210.

Praying for more good rain.

The Southern Harvest Team