Lots. Let’s start with farmers not being paid well by major retail chains for the food they grow and raise for us. Then there’s excessive food imports that unfairly disadvantage not only Australian farmers and farm workers but our food processors as well. And about much of that imported food… do we really know how it was grown and processed… and what was put on it to make it grow or easier to process… whether farm and factory workers enjoyed healthy, good and fair working conditions?

And there’s one more thing about fairness, and that’s about fair access to good, tasty food for the thousands of Australians and their children living on low incomes.

Southern Harvest is a community and business lead not-for-profit incorporated regional food organisation at the forefront of promoting local food production and consumption in the ACT and Southern NSW. They provide marketing and retail opportunities for their members and deliver world class education and a range of food growing and back yard self-sufficiency classes to meet consumer demand.

Southern Harvest was established in 2011 to provide producers of regional food in Southern NSW with a united platform to connect with colleagues, suppliers and customers.