Southern Harvest would like to spread the word about what can be sourced locally this Christmas by posting content on our Facebook pages, website and in a special edition Local Christmas newsletter to support you, our members.  In addition, we would like to encourage everyone to join in and post about local products they are eating, using and gifting over Christmas.

Everyone can participate by sharing and responding to our Facebook posts, supporting local businesses and posting about local products you are using this Christmas.

Why shop local?

By shopping at your local farmers market you are doing so many things other than buying food. You are supporting other local families, you are connecting with the people who grow your food and teaching the young ones about where food comes from, you are eating with the seasons, supporting small scale farming and sustainable land management and it’s generally a much more pleasant experience!

Southern Harvest Business Members, use your imagination, but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Pictures of your products
  • Recipes using your produce
  • Teaming up with another local business to create thoughtful, locally sourced gifts.
  • Special deals
  • The story behind your product
  • Pictures of your business getting ready for Christmas

How to get involved

1.  Business Members – simply email us pictures, details about your product and where to purchase.

2.  Everyone – use #localfoodCBR when posting on your Facebook page.

3.  Everyone – tag Southern Harvest Association on Facebook when you post about your Christmas offerings (so we can share your posts).

4.  Everyone – spread the word and encourage others to get involved.

5.  Everyone – like and share our Facebook posts.  Here is the first one.

We’d love to promote all local businesses, but our resources are limited.  We can only promote the products of current financial Southern Harvest members. If you have allowed your membership to lapse, we can fix this quickly. Information about member benefits can be found here.  Only new members will be able to join via the link provided. Lapsed members should email us.