Braidwood is fast becoming the garlic capital of Australia, and this year the Braidwood Garlic Growers Group hopes to supply local garlic in most months of 2017.

Most members of the group, representing at least 30 growers, are in the process of harvesting their late season garlic crop. This should mean that consumers and growers in our region will be able to purchase local Australian grown garlic during the classic “garlic drought” period between May and November.

Growers in the group now face the task of drying and curing the garlic so that it will maintain its freshness over the next 6-10 months. This is not a simple process. Curing relies on low humidity and temperatures that don’t vary much across an established “curing” temperature range. Given the wild and less than predictable weather in the region, growers might be in for a challenging curing season.

It will all be worth it when we start to see local garlic, from cultivars with different culinary properties to the good ole Turban group whites and purples we are familiar with, appearing at farmers markets and local shops in June.

Keep and eye out and don’t miss the chance to buy these late season varieties when you can. They taste great and contribute to the support of local food and local farmers.

You can purchase local garlic at the Southern Harvest Farmers Market, and directly from local farms including Wynlen House Slow Food Farm, Black Foo Farm, Caroola Farm, Nanny G’s Garlic, Bungonia Creek Wine and Produce

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