Australian consumer magazine, Choice, recently published an article about free range eggs. The report explains that the Model Code of Practice stipulates no more than 1500 hens per hectare to meet ethical standards, yet many free range egg producers are stocking at much higher densities. The report goes on to identify stocking densities of free range egg producers.

It is very pleasing to note that a number of producers in our region meet or exceed the Model Code of Practice standards:

Tharwa ACT Free Range Eggs – 150 hens per hectare
Long Paddock Eggs – 185 hens per hectare (Southern Harvest member)
Majura Valley Free Range Eggs – 250 hens per hectare
Mulloon Creek Biodynamic Free Range – 350 hens per hectare
Southern Highlands Organic Free Range – 800 hens per hectare
Are there brands that aren’t on one of these lists that you’d like Choice to include? Email with a picture, the name, price and weight!

Read the Choice magazine article “How’free range’ are your eggs?”.