The Gippsland Food Plan is the first of its kind to be developed in response to the Australian National Food Plan.

The Gippsland region borders our Southern Harvest region. It extends from the edge of metropolitan Melbourne in the west, to the most easterly point of Victoria, and up to the NSW border.

Gippsland’s economy is predominantly based around natural resources and commodities with key industry sectors including agriculture, forestry, dairy and pastoral industries, fishing, coal mining, oil and gas extraction and processing. The agribusiness sector is a significant employer in the region, with over 37% of Gippsland’s business involved in agriculture and fishing and a further 15% involved in upstream processing operations. It also produces around 90% of Victoria’s electricity, 97% of Victoria’s natural gas and 14 per cent of Australia’s oil.

This plan identifies four main priorities, with recommendations to achieve the vision. The four priorities are:

  1. Promoting growth and attracting investment
  2. Enabling infrastructure and logistics
  3. Innovation and adapting to change
  4. Advocacy and policy development

Read the Gippsland Food Plan.