Over an action packed week, FOOD STORIES examines that web of interactions within the food system of the hugely successful SAGE Farmers Market in Moruya.

Commencing at the Tuesday market, you will witness the extraordinary vitality of this enterprise. In a deliberate way we are starting at the end, at the market itself. From there you will follow the trail back to selected growers: vegetable growers, an oyster farmer, a meat producer, the Tilba Real Dairy and a fishing enterprise.

Each pathway is not just a lesson in farming processes but in the individual life stories of the people involved. Their stories are as vital as the growing tips they will share.

As a celebration of food, it is proper that we will be eating LOTS OF IT. We will dine in Pop-Up kitchens and at The River Restaurant and Blue Earth Cafe. In our tent kitchen on the Moruya River we will prepare meals together while trading recipes and learning from local chefs. All through the week, food will be discovered, prepared and eaten. You will explore the food system in the company of people who see local food not just as a taste and sustenance, but as the end result of sustainable practices and as an expression of our society’s core values.



SAGE has a declared mission to “grow the growers”.

In keeping with that philosophy, the FOOD STORIES workshop will aim to assist people who wish to grow food themselves, to reinvigorate their local food system or to establish an authentic farmers market in their region.



The Electronic Swagman has been creating and operating unique and idiosyncratic tours within Australia for 20 years.

FOOD STORIES is the latest tour with a difference, created in collaboration with SAGE.