Anthony Flaccavento is well known for his work developing food hubs in the United States and will be visiting Australia for the inaugural Community Food Hubs Conference in Bendigo on 8-9 August. Canberra is fortunate Anthony will be joining us for two events on 17th and 18th August:

Food Hubs:  Can They Benefit Farmers, the Economy and Public Health? 
In this public lecture, Anthony will explain:

  • what a food hub is and showcase how the most successful food hubs work in USA, Australia and the world
  • identify the key ingredients and players in a successful food hub
  • hypothesise about the current state of affairs in the Australian Capital Region and propose possible pathways forward to building a thriving Australian Capital Region Food Hub
  • answer questions in a way that builds collective wisdom in the audience

Bringing Food Hubs to life in the Australian Capital Region
Anthony will facilitate a workshop for local farmers, entrepreneurs and players in the local Australian Capital Region food system. This workshop is an extension of the public lecture from the evening before and will create a system map of the local food economy and identify the key opportunities for strengthening this economy and creating a thriving sustainable food hub based on world good practice.

These events are a great opportunity to learn about successful practices for building local food economies from the bottom up.

We are grateful to the University of Canberra for hosting these events.

Find out more and book your place.