Southern Harvest wants to help primary producers and food processors across the Southern Harvest region collaborate and claim marketplace power with the help of  the Australian Government’s national, two year $14.9m Farming Together initiative.

This is an opportunity to boost economic returns in Australia’s rural and regional farming and food sectors.

Farming Together aims to build financial and societal sustainability across Australia’s smaller primary producers.

Visit the and complete the simple self-assessment. Check here first if you need the ATO definition of a ‘primary producer’.

All farmers who register receive one-on-one expert advice to discuss their opportunities and appetite to create a successful collaborative group. This could be either as a structured co-operative, as a collective bargaining entity or as a less-formal collaborative group.

The most-promising groups will be offered assistance for product research and development. Areas that are covered include advice on marketing, capital-raising, packaging, logistics and exporting as well as non-ongoing consultancy appointments.

For more information about the Farming Together initiative:
Phone Nick or Andrew on 1800 00 55 55
Keep an eye on the website
Sign up for the Farming Together newsletters on the Farming Together homepage.

To register your interest in working with other primary producers and food processors in the Southern Harvest region, email Southern Harvest and include your ideas about how you can collaborate.