Organically raised pastured turkey for Christmas: Order Now.

Wynlen House Slow Food Farm is raising turkeys for your Christmas dinner. They come to Wynlen House as day old poults.  They are then pasture raised according to organic animal husbandry principles with extra attention to their health and wellbeing. At Wynlen House we give animal welfare and feeding practices the highest priority. We make our own complete turkey ration with recipes and ingredients used by farmers well before the advent of today’s highly processed pelleted feeds. We make rations from classic ingredients such as cracked corn, wheat, lupins, lucerne, meat-meal, pollard and bran which the birds love. Our turkeys are fed a superior quality feed as a wet mash that meets their nutritional needs and gives them the proteins and nutrients to make for the most delicious, tender turkey meat. They graze for insects on pasture and have ample access to fresh grass and greens. You can visit them by appointment.
Dressed and ready for the oven,  the birds will be available for pick up (in Braidwood) or delivery (to a central location in Queanbeyan) on the 20th December.
To order call 02 484321127 or email
If you are raising your own poultry (chickens, water down or turkey) for Christmas you are welcome to enrol in our online short course on making your own poultry feed. There a number of courses each designed for a specific poultry species.