Southern Harvest was so excited yesterday to receive the first insulated container, which is the basis of stage 1 of our community cool store and packing facility.

We want to thank our amazing community of produce box producers and subscribers who have not only put up the money and labour for this project to get off the ground, they have provided amazing support and encouragement throughout the last two years of our Multi-farm Produce Box Scheme.

The facility will be situated at Canberra City Farm, which is the main pick up and distribution point for the scheme. Over the next year we hope to complete the facility which will ultimately consist of two temperature regulated containers. One for refrigerated storage and one for cool storage and packing space. We would also like in the future to place a roof over the containers and install photovoltaic panels to run the units.

At present the produce box scheme provides approx eighty boxes, of various sizes, per week at five locations in and around Canberra. Currently we have waiting lists for a further four locations and, with the added space this facility will provide, hope to open at least two of these in the very near future.