Don’t forget! Join us for a Southern Harvest Gathering on Friday 8 December for a summer celebration coupled with our AGM.

Bring a chair, bring a plate (plus knives, forks and spoons) and something to share… perhaps even some local wine or beer if you care…

Where: 4 King Street, Bungendore

When: 6.30pm Friday 8 December

What: 7.00pm AGM (it will be short as most AGM’s are) – followed by a BBQ and networking – come along and meet producers, consumers and more…

RVSP to secretary(at)

The AGM is our Annual General Meeting – it’s a time when all the ‘office bearer’ positions for the non-profit organisation are spilled and re-elected. The ‘office bearers’ are the committee, which is made up of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer plus General committee members – and of course we have a range of sub-committees and other volunteer roles as well – see below…

Whether or not you want to join the committee, we are looking forward to an evening of celebration of what Southern Harvest has achieved this year (which is a LOT) and what the priorities are for the coming year.

Here is an overview of the different positions as well as voluntary positions we are looking to fill – as the saying goes – ‘many hands make light work’. If you are interested in being on the committee (completely voluntary) to help keep the work of Southern Harvest going, please do let us know.

Southern Harvest Association

Executive and Non-Executive Roles – get involved! Read more below and email us at hello(at) if you think you can help out.

This document presents the Southern Harvest Association Executive and non-Executive roles setting out responsibilities and duties. All roles are voluntary unless specified.

Guiding Principles

  1. Authority is distributed to by the Executive committee to specific roles and sub-committees in accordance with the Southern Harvest Constitution.
  2. Unless specified all SHA Executive and Non-Executive roles are voluntary
  3. Roles are defined by the tasks to be done and are updated as required.
  4. People fulfilling a role are to create / maintain a google document with a current list of duties and the roles’ Standard Operating Procedures to ensure knowledge record and transfer.
  5. People can fill several roles.
  6. The SHA Executive can create, merge and or disband non-executive roles as required.
  7. Members can propose to the SHA Executive that non-executive roles be created, merged and or disbanded.
  8. Everyone is bound by the same rules. Rules are visible to all.



The President represents the Southern Harvest Association’s vision and purpose to the membership, stakeholders and the community. The President is accountable to the SHA membership for leading the development and implementation of the SHA annual activity plan and strategic plan. The President ensures that the Executive Committee and subcommittees function in accordance with the Association’s constitution. The President provides direction and oversight for all SHA activities and leads the Executive Committee.

Vice President

The Vice-President supports the President’s role with specific responsibility for oversight of subcommittee conduct, management of SHA paid staff, and ensures the organisation accomplishes tasks to meet its overall goals in accordance with the annual activity plan.


The Secretary supports the President to ensure the smooth functioning of the Executive Committee and assists the Vice-President to administer and oversee the work of paid and volunteer staff. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the association’s records, managing inwards and outwards correspondence with specific duties to include:

  1. Preparing and circulating agendas in consultation with the President
  2. Minute meetings and circulate the draft minutes to all committee members
  3. To check that committee members, non-executive members and volunteers have carried out agreed action(s)
  4. Circulate agendas and minutes of the annual general meeting (AGM) and any special or extraordinary general meetings
  5. Oversee membership communications and act as a lead point of contact for all inquiries
  6. Ensure up-to-date records are kept of committee membership, and
  7. Accept and disseminate email enquiries.


The Treasurer is responsible for the oversight and management of Southern Harvest Association finances in accordance with the constitution and SHA’s financial operating procedures.

The Treasurer will:

  1. Develop and maintain SHA’s financial operating procedures
  2. Oversee and present budgets, forecasts and financial statements to the Executive Committee on a quarterly basis or as the committee requires
  3. Provide guidance and oversight of sub-committee financial operating arrangements to ensure compliance with SHA’s financial operating procedures
  4. Manage SHA’s bank accounts
  5. Oversee SHA grants and sponsorship activities, and
  6. Provide advice to the Executive on the financial merits of activity budget proposals.

Standing Sub-Committees

Farmers Market Manager (Bungendore and Queanbeyan) (Paid role)

  • Chair of SHFM subcommittee
  • Invoicing and oversight of finances for the markets

Harvest Festival Manager

  • Chair of Harvest Festival subcommittee
  • Invoicing and oversight of the finances for the festival

Southern Harvest Education – Chair SHE – Education Coordinator

  • Promote SHE Eduction programs
  • Develop education pathways
  • Promote/advertise upcoming courses
  • Identify and recruit course providers that fill the pathway
  • Verify payments to providers and submit to Treasurer for payment
  • Seek and collate course feedback

Non-Executive Roles

Membership Officer – Executive Committee oversight by the Secretary

  • Add new members to membership database and SHA website
  • Check currency of memberships
  • Assist with communication to members
  • Assist the Secretary as a point of contact for membership inquiries
  • Email reminders to members about membership expiry
  • Develop the membership officer role

Fair Food Events Coordinator

  • Organise and promote Fair Food Week fundraising events

Communications Officer/s

  • Newsletter/Media/Promotions Coordinator – Executive Committee Oversight – Vice-President
  • Social Media
  • Facebook
    • Sharing and posting content related to food education, production, distribution etc. and events that occur within the Southern Harvest regional boundaries. Focusing on member activities.
  • Instagram
  • Blog posts
    • Imputing event and member activities to the website that can then be easily imported to newsletters and social media.
  • Newsletters – planning, frequency, content and sending
    • Members
    • Farmers market
    • Education
  • Posters/fliers
  • Coordinating SHA’s attendance at events
  • Developing maintaining SHA event presentation kit – flyers, banners, posters, etc

Website Officer – Technical Role Executive Committee Oversight by the Secretary

  • Maintain statement of website requirements
  • Either undertake website maintenance if skilled to do so or project manage website maintenance and updates as required
  • Work closely with communications officer/s

Grants Officer – Executive Committee Oversight by the Treasurer

  • Identify grant opportunities
  • Draft and coordinate member input to grant applications
  • Ensure grants are submitted by the specified deadline
  • Reconcile grants in accordance with grant guidelines

Sponsorships – Executive Committee Oversight by the Vice-President

  • Identify potential sponsorship opportunities
  • Manage relationships with potential and current sponsors
  • Maintain record of sponsorships
  • Ensure sponsorship records are maintained