Southern Harvest AGM 2017 Minutes

Friday 8 December, 4 King Street, Bungendore

7.00pm AEST

Attendees: Ruth Gaha-Morris, Arabella Young, Elisa Pavlic, Geoff Foster, Simone Dilkara, Heike Holdy, Tracy Bourne, Fiona Porteus, Samantha Hawker, Frank Deveson, David Watson, Leisa Porter, Penny Kothe, Paul McKinnon, James Innes, Ellyn Bicknell, Colleen Foster, Dot Skea


·         Confirm minutes from previous AGM [Not confirmed, see attached)
·         President’s report  (attached) Read by Ruth Gaha Morris. Achievements for 2016/2017 for the year added to by Executive Members:

·         Harvest Festival

·         Queanbeyan Farmers Market

·         Regional Food Network

·         Produce Box

·         Growing Community and building connections

·         Educational events –  PDC, Food Forest, Bees course

·         Auspicing APC14

·         Relationship with council

·         Chamber of commerce award

·         Social media increase especially after Canberra City Farm open day. Very positive social media.

·         Other office bearer reports – nil.

·         Questions about cost of Queanbeyan Market stalls and what was it based on?

·         Call out for a Queanbeyan Farmers Market committee.

·         Financial report (attached)


2017 has been a strong year for Southern Harvest.

Gross annual turnover from 1 Jan to 10 December 2017 Was $314,800.41.


as at 10 December 2017  Southern Harvests position is as follows

Total assets      $21,143,29

Total Liabilities $19,511.76

Nett Assets      $  1,631.53


Attached is the Profit and Loss statement.


·         Membership report – to be emailed
·         Budget – not submitted
·         Elect returning officer – Fiona Porteus
·         Election of office bearers

.1.       President – James Innes – seconded  by Penny and Colin by email)  – elected unopposed

.2.       Vice president – Ruth Gaha-Morris – nominated by Penny, seconded by Leisa by email) – elected unopposed

.3.       Secretary– Penny Kothe – seconded  by Ruth and Colin by email) – elected unopposed

.4.       Treasurer – Leisa Porter – seconded Penny and Colin by email) – elected unopposed

.5.       Communications Officer – Ellyn Bicknell (nominated self, seconded by Penny  and Leisa by email) – voted unopposed

.6.       3 x ordinary members – Tracy Bourne (nominated by Ruth, seconded by Leisa and Penny by email), Fiona Porteus (nominated self, seconded by Penny and Ruth), Simone Dilkara (nominated by Ruth, seconded by Leisa and Penny by email), Geoff Foster (nominated self, seconded by James and Leisa),  all in favour and elected unopposed.

.7.       Public Officer – Ruth Gaha-Morris – James nominated and Fiona seconded.

·         End of AGM 7.40pm