Southern Harvest Farmers Market at Bungendore is on from 9-12 every Saturday at The Anglican Hall, Butmaroo Street, Bungendore.

Come and join us this week for a fun and informative morning.

There will be talks, demos and competitions including:

  • Alex from Small Farms Network talking about what they do and how to get involved. She’ll have brochures on all things farming from weeds to attracting wildlife. Learn about the Land for Wildlife program and how you can get a free native vegetation survey.
  • Fresh Landscape Design with their Happy Chook Salad Bar. Jennie will show you a system for growing greens in your chook run all year round. It’s easy, the chooks love it and we love their beautiful golden yolked eggs.
  • Leisa from Growing Vegies with Chooks in the City talking about keeping “happy healthy backyard chickens“. She will introduce you to the basics then focus on what to do to keep your flock healthy over the winter months.
  • Bronwyn from Wynlen House Slow Food Farm will discuss “the science of animal husbandry“. The importance of the principles and practices of animal husbandry in ensuring your farm animals are healthy, happy and raised respectfully and humanely so they give best meat and eggs for yourself and your family. Thelma the goose and Louise the duck may even join in if feeling cooperative.
  • Sam and Frank from Green and Gleaned will talk about current initiatives to create local social spaces and events to collaborate on DIY repairs to all things broken, particularly those ‘not worth fixing’ but well worth having and knowing how to fix. We’ll also have a range of small tools/machines in need of tinkering, but feel free to bring yours along to have a collective play with.
  • Dave from Scrumpers Garden will show you how to sharpen your knives and small tools. If you have a steel or a stone and anything that needs sharpening, bring them along and hone your skills.
  • The Farmers Market will also be offering some awesome prizes to the kids for the best rooster crow, broody chook cluck, sheep bleat, cow moo and duck waddle.

Please see our Facebook page for the full event details and program.