Media Release

Publication date: 20 December 2017

The Southern Harvest Association is concerned that proposed changes to NSW Primary Production and Rural Development regulations will have a hugely negative impact on the growth of pastured pig and poultry farms in the entire state.

Of particular concern is the proposal to put into regulation a 500m setback (like a buffer zone) between animals and neighbouring dwellings outside of which Development Applications will be required.

Should the changes come into effect small-scale and free-range pig and poultry farms will be considered ‘intensive livestock agriculture’.

Southern Harvest member and Caroola Farm owner Penny Kothe says “the costs of this requirement will make it unviable for new farmers to enter the industry. It will also limit the availability, when there is a growing consumer demand, for pasture raised, ethical and in many cases organically produced meat products.”

The Southern Harvest Association in partnership with the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is currently collecting information from farmers across NSW to put submissions to the NSW government to highlight the potential impact the proposed reforms will have on farming businesses; particularly those of that are small-scale applying organic, chemical free and/or regenerative farming practices.

NSW Farmer survey

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