Soaps, Salves & Moisturising bars – Workshop

30th June – 4pm – 7pm

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Soaps, salves and moisturising bars are part of our everyday life. They are easy to make, and by choosing to make them yourself, you can use good quality ingredients and your favourite essential oils based on the scents that you like or the pathologies you would like to treat. Custom-made for your own benefits and satisfaction! They also are a nice gift…

Bagundi has been selling soaps, salves and moisturising bars at the Bungendore Farmers Market since 2017.

The name Bagundi comes from the Telugu Indian dialect and means « good », that’s why we chose it, because we wanted to make good soaps! Good for the skin, good for the environment, and good for the wallet. We make our products with as many local ingredients as possible, but having only the bare essential ingredients – no chemicals, no synthetic stuff.

We would love to share our knowledge with all of you who are interested in learning how to make your own products.

So… Join us for a few hours and we will tell you everything!

  1. Explaining the process of making moisturising bars (you will go back home with one!).
  2. Explaining the process of making salves (you will also go back home with one!).
  3. Explaining the process of making soaps (you will be able to pick up your cured soap ready to use 3 weeks later at the community stall at the farmers market).

For safety reasons, we will be giving you the explanations and demonstrating the processes rather than having a station per student. You will leave with all the knowledge to start making yours at home!

Course Price:

$30 for the course, including the goodies you will take home!

Bookings Essential