Closing my eyes against dust, smoke, flies and wind. When I look at this weird ‘selfie’ I see in my own face all the grief and vulnerability of the present moment. Bushfires raging, the gradual drying of the past couple of years and no rain in sight. Growing food has become a one day at a time up hill battle. Many of our farming mates are out of water and shutting up shop. I get a lot of ‘we feel for you guys, we’re thinking of you guys’ from non-farming folk and it’s genuine I know, but it’s as if all that’s happening is farmers are losing their jobs. Signs in shops saying ‘donate to help drought affected aussies’ But the thing is, this isn’t our personal tragedy, (my ‘job’ is far down the list of priorities at the moment) If you eat and breathe, this is YOUR tragedy too. No matter what you do for work YOU are the drought affected Aussie. I’m sorry to scare you. I really am. I have lived with paralysing fear about this stuff for years and it sucks. (I’d love a day off to be ignorant of it all sometimes) But here’s the thing, there are no bunkers, it’s an ecological reality that we have to get through this together or not at all. And I believe we can. Yes, it is true our leaders are letting us down, but there is more of us than them. Grass roots, personal changes en masse make a difference. Strong communities that look after each other make a difference.
F*** Scomo, we’ll fix it ourselves. #climatechange#climateemergency#attnscottmorrison

Emily – Brightside Produce