Celebrating Local Garlic

Across the region, the garlic harvest is in full swing, with a wet winter and the recent hot weather it’s been a busy month pulling out all the lovingly grown garlic and hanging it to dry.

The local region is home to more than 30 commercial garlic growers, with the Braidwood Garlic Group having more than 65 members. Varieties grown locally include Monaro Purple, which is a hard-neck Turban variety, as well as later season crops yet to be harvested including Dunganski, Spanish Roja and Silverskins.

It’s the perfect time to pick up fresh young garlic at local outlets including the Wynlen House Slow Food Farm stall in the Courtyard of 56 Wallace Street Braidwood, Provisions Deli and Grocery, Food Lovers Market Bungendore and Braidwood and Bungendore Farmers markets.

It’s also time to look for braided garlic as Christmas gifts or braid your own! Join in the demonstration at the Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Bungendore on Saturday 2 December or the Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Queanbeyan on Thursday 7 December and you’ll learn how to braid your own.

Join the festivities: There will be garlic braiding demonstrations for the duration of the Farmers Markets, bring take your own garlic (still with the stems on) or purchase local garlic at the markets and you’ll be shown how to braid.

Want to get involved with growing garlic locally? Go to www.braidwoodgarlic.com.au and find out more , as well as to find information on local growers.

The Southern Harvest Farmers Market will have fresh garlic from now until Autumn and it on every Saturday, with a special Christmas Market on Saturday 23 December. www.southernharvest.org.au