Monga, NSW

When asked to share our experience with the recent fires and then flooding we were resistant. We were so so fortunate that the fires didn’t directly ignite our 20 acre property, adjoining properties weren’t so lucky, and for this our heart weeps. It was 8 weeks of living on edge. Relying on fire apps, radio and social media to keep us informed. Really our fate was in the hands of the wind.

Some days the smoke so thick our eyes stung. Black leaves fell from the sky and we’d determine how close the flames were by feeling the debris heat. At times everything looked doom and gloom – on an emotional level that’s how we felt. Hope motivated us to continue. To weed, to seed, to harvest in the worst conditions. It’s crazy what you do for you passion, if we weren’t preparing for the fires, putting out spot fires or sleeping with one eye open we were in the garden trying to keep it all together at our busiest time of year.

Across the road, just metres from us the Monga forest burned. Fire fighters were moving in and around our property in preparation to save our home. We were mentally prepared to loose our greenhouses, the garden and all our tools. We had IBC cubes filled with water at different points of the property. We stood watching the trees light up, the bushland, the scrub, the wind was calm and steadily blew away from us. We were stunned that embers weren’t thrown in our direction. When the fires were at our doorstep the mosquito crew would check on us each morning and evening. The community’s support was more than words can describe.

A sigh of relief swept over us when the rains began to fall. After 3 evacuations and living in a state of anxiety we were calmed and joyous. Gratefully the rain put out all the fires, we were amazed to say the least. Another little hurdle for us, 600mls in less than a week. We were thankful yet scared. Playing havoc on the garden this rain damaged crops and led to mould significantly impacting the summer vegetables.

We live by the biodynamic principle and cyclically syntropy – through order arises chaos, through chaos arises order. Amidst the crazy weather, the highs and lows, ups and downs, good and bad there is an underlying harmony. We feel so fortunate to be working with the natural rhythms of nature … this PRANA, life force, is in all. We are so thankful for the continual love and support.

In love and prana, John and Christina