We’re looking for regional produce to help feed everyone at the Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC14) www.apc14.permacultureaustralia.org.au 15-19 April 2018.

The Convergence is being held at the Greenhills Centre in Cotter from Sunday 15 to Thursday 19 April 2018 and will attract in excess of 300 people for the duration.

We are working with the in-house catering manager to deliver a fresh regional menu and are intent on sourcing produce direct from farmers within the Southern Harvest region.

In order to plan well in advance we have made a list of quantities of different items required and would love it if you can and let us know which items you would be able to supply – importantly, you will be paid for this produce, this is not a donation (unless of course you’d like it to be)

APC14 Catering List

Please let us know by email to Bungendore@southernharvest.org.au :

  1. Quantity you can supply
  2. Price for said quantity or per item
  3. Any delivery charges if appropriate
  4. Photos of your farm or farm produce
  5. A paragraph on your farm, location and growing methods – or link to your website and we can put something together

If you have ideas for potential substitute items that could be worked into the menu please include this information too.

If you know of other producers in the region who may also be able to assist with supply please forward this to them or let us know their details so we can contact them directly.

You can access the draft menu so you can see how these items will be used. The aim is to have wholesome local fresh ingredients as the base of the catering for the week.

Lets help celebrate our regions’ food!