Introduction to Permaculture

23rd-24th February 2019, 2nd-3rd November 2019,16th-17th November 2019, Brogo

This permaculture course is taught by John Champagne at his 11-acre permaculture demonstration site in the beautiful Bega Valley.

Develop an understanding of permaculture and explore how to create abundance, resilience and practical sustainability in your life.

The course will:

·       explain and explore the history and the theories behind permaculture,.

·       give you a sound  overview of permaculture using the David Holmgren Permaculture Principles,

·       explain and explore how to create abundance, resilience and practical sustainability in your life no matter what your situation,

·       be useful to inform you choices no matter what your situation; rural property, city dweller, or anywhere in between,

·       develop  knowledge and skills, increase your confidence and inspire you  to use  permaculture in your garden, your home, your life,

·       demonstrate the principles and systems used in permaculture, on our permaculture farm, and

·       focus on practical implementation of permaculture with teachers who are living permaculture every day, not just teaching it.

Permaculture Design Course 16th to 28th April 2019, Bermagui

Earlybird bookings are now available for the 10th Permaculture Design Course at The Crossing, Bermagui.

Come and learn with John Champagne, Aaron Sorensen and others in this immersive, challenging and exciting 12 day course. 

This is the perfect course if you are looking for a solid grounding in permaculture design and to apply the permaculture principles in your home, your garden, your life.  Create abundance, resilience and live a life of practical sustainability with new skills and knowledge.

Highlights of a permaculture design certificate course with Brogo Permaculture Gardens:

·       one lead teacher, John Champagne,  to centre the course and up to 7 other skilled teachers,

·       strong focus on design skills and techniques with opportunities to practice design in a supportive environment. Work on your design skills with Aaron Sorenson and Daniel Deighton two of Australia’s leading practising designers,

·       residential and non-residential accommodation options,

·       value for money- one of the best prices for a PDC in Australia,

·       specialises in  cool, temperate and Mediterranean climate designs but covers all bioregions based on extensive experience,

·       2 days of site visits to some of the best permaculture designs on the far south coast of NSW plus a full day at Brogo Permaculture Gardens  John  and Sharon Champagne’s 25 year old functioning demonstration site.

·       organic and locally sourced food provided for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and the celebration dinner on the last night, and

·       Rest and reflection day during the course to reconnect with family, find out more about your design site or visit a place of interest.

Permaculture Garden Open Days

27th January 2019, 16th February 2019, 16th March 2019, 6th October 2019, 23rd November 2019, Brogo

If you are not able to do one of our courses, why don’t you join us for an open day. You will see how we have transformed grazing land into a productive and beautiful property,  explore our owner built, off grid home with solar and water harvesting and on site human waste management systems.

During the 2-hour tour you will see:

·       Off grid, owner built, solar powered mudbrick home, with recycled timbers,

·       Owner built and council approved composting toilet and greywater system,

·       Solar hot water, wood cooking and hot water back up and heating,

·       Integration of poultry into food systems,

·       Native and exotic plant food systems including kitchen garden, citrus orchard and stone,

·       fruit orchard,

·       Bee keeping for pollination and honey production,

·       Soil building techniques including: composting, chop and drop, mulch and companion,

·       planting,

·       Water harvesting, storage and percolation systems including rainwater collection, gravity,

·       fed water system, ponds, dams and swales,

·       A developing Asian herb garden,

·       Plant propagation area for trees and kitchen garden seed raising area, and

·       Earthworks including food forests, swales and shelterbelt.