Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Wynlen House Urban Micro Farm

92 Monkittee Street, Braidwood, New South Wales 2622

Lunch and morning tea provided.

We believe that growing vegetables for your family or as a commercial enterprise is incredibly rewarding. At this one day workshop you will discover techniques and approaches that will get you started in that veggie patch sooner than you think!

What you will learn

Australia’s cooler and cold climate zones can make growing vegetables all year around a real challenge. In this workshop you will learn the strategies and tactics that make for successful vegetable production in areas where overnight winter temperatures are often below zero, with regular frosts. The workshop covers:

  • understanding your climate zone, particularly a cool climate zone
  • growing in all seasons
  • bed preparation
  • when and what to plant
  • frost protection
  • weeding and weeding tools
  • intensive planting and other garden practices

We very briefly explore the various organic approaches: permaculture, bio-dynamic, biological and gain a basic understanding of these different philosophies. The course aims to provide you with the practical knowledge and skills to produce food all year, from a small backyard plot or a large market garden.

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