Well, they are not a meal kit that arrives at your door with perfectly portioned bits and bobs, where you just follow all the instructions and have a fancy ……..

Deconstructed-moroccan-mexican-fusion-tacos, ready in 15 minutes or less? That’s not really our vibe….

What we are, is really into food. We like thinking about it, talking about it, and we like knowing where it came from.

We love feeling connected to our food when we witness the seasons outside our windows. We know that there are lean seasons, seasons of abundance and seasons for preserving.

We love being creative, adventurous, and cooking from scratch. We get a kick out of finding a way to use the whole plant and we love the challenge of a new ingredient.

If this is you too, then it sounds like you might be one of us.

Our boxes are made up of produce from our farmer members. These consist of little farms dotted across the ACT and SE NSW region.

There isn’t a ‘picture of a farmhouse on the front that “green washes” a factory’ type situation. We’re made up of real farming members who come together to offer mixed produce boxes as a way of providing a year round diversity of offerings in a tricky climate.

When you subscribe to our produce boxes you immerse yourself in the give-and-take dance of the seasons in this region and you and your food breathe the same air and feel the same sun on your skin.

Winter season subscriptions open now.