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Community Stall Guidelines

The Southern Harvest Farmers Market Community Stall is a cooperative initiative where a variety of goods from multiple growers and producers may be sold together. This serves a number of purposes:

  • Small or backyard growers, who may not have enough stock to justify a full stall, can sell their goods in a shared space. This gives small producers a way to test and promote their products with little risk and lots of encouragement.
  • Producers with only a single product line, such as eggs or olive oil, who would not sell enough of the one product to justify a stall, can still have their produce available for consumers. These products are essential to add diversity to the market although they may not sell in huge amounts.
  • If a product is not available from a market stallholder, and in high demand from consumers, the Market Manager or Market Committee may attempt to source it from a grower in the Southern Harvest region for sale at the community stall.

Growers/producers may stay at the stall and sell their goods or leave them with staff/volunteers to sell on their behalf. All products need to be priced, and have clear labelling information about where, by whom and how they were grown or made. If you are unsure about pricing and labelling, we are able to help you with this.It is best if produce is ready for sale per piece/s or package (i.e. $6 each, 3 for $1, $4 per box/bag). At the end of the market, contributors are to return to collect any unsold goods and takings unless there is a prior arrangement with the market manager.

Sales at the Southern Harvest Community Stall incur a 30% commission, when managed by the Market staff or volunteers. For sellers who wish to remain for the market to assist with the Community Stall the commission is reduced to 10% This option is only available to Southern Harvest Members. The money collected from commissions goes towards the ongoing running costs of the market, such as rent, insurance, staff, promotion and new equipment.
If products are to be stocked by the community stall on a regular basis, we require the growers or producers of those products be Southern Harvest business members.
All produce and products sold must comply with the Market Rules which can be found on our website here.

For more information about membership, please contact our membership officer at


Download our community stall guidelines here.