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Community Stall Guidelines

The Southern Harvest Community Stall is a cooperative initiative where produce from small or backyard growers may be sold. We aim to uphold the ethos of the Southern Harvest Farmers Market whilst giving small producers a way to test and promote their products with little risk and lots of encouragement.

Contributors are asked to bring their goods for sale between 8.15am – 8.45am with clear product labelling, pricing and information about where, by who and how it was grown or made. If you are unsure about pricing and labelling, we are able to help you with this. Contributors are required to price their goods at 50c increments for ease of transaction. There are no scales at the Community Stall so produce needs to be sold per piece/s or package (i.e. $6 each, 3 for $1, $4 per box/bag). At the end of the market, 1pm, contributors are to return to collect any unsold goods and takings.

community-stall-2Sales at the Southern Harvest Community Stall incur a 30% commission, this helps to keep the stall and the market running. Community Stall use is subject to availability and committee discretion, new contributors will receive preference. There is no guarantee of space, bookings are recommended to ensure a space at the stall, you can do this at the prior market or via email,

Fresh produce is encouraged, such as fruit and vegetables, herbs, honey, eggs (with egg stamp), nuts and seeds up to the value of $200. You may also bring products that you have made yourself, where you have grown the main ingredient/s and all NSW food safety requirements are met.

Each market, the Community Stall needs a volunteer co-ordinator, this person is required to be at the market 8am til 1pm to set-up, run and pack down the Community Stall. In return, this person can sell their goods on the stall FREE OF CHARGE. Contact the Market Manager if you are interested.

The fine print

As with all exchanges of food products, food safety requirements must be upheld. To learn more, go to the NSW Food Authority website. There are a few things that are unable to be sold at the Southern Harvest Community Stall as they are considered higher risk:

  • sprouts
  • dairy
  • seafood
  • fish
  • meat
  • alcohol
  • foraged mushrooms
  • live animals
  • any foods that need to be kept hot or cold

Jams, preserves, ferments and other value added products must have the ingredients clearly labelled with allergen warnings where necessary. Allergens requiring labelling include peanuts, tree nuts (eg almonds, walnuts), milk, eggs, sesame, royal jelly, fish, crustacean (shellfish eg prawns, lobster), soy and wheat.